Universidad Politecnica de Madrid E.T.S.I Agrónomos


Evolutions in the agricultural domain (production, manufacture, trade) are rather intense, leading to the need for the continuous training of the farmers, in order for them to face this new environment. Two of the most fast evolving domains of agriculture -offering new potentials to the farmers- are organic farming and rural tourism. In Spain it is used the term ecological instead of organic.
Nevertheless, the farmers are rarely interested in education and training. This is due mainly to the lack of information on these issues and on the development prospects the contemporary farmers have, but to the lack of adequate material for the adult farmers education as well.
There are of course institutions that offer lifelong training and education to adults, and relative surveys have been conducted, but this material is not within the means of the farmers.
Moreover, organic farming, rural tourism and the relative activities tend to become attractive not that much to the farmers, who need to take advantage of them, but to other people who were not up to now engaged in agriculture.
To this leads the fact that the informative and training programmes due to their structure, form and content- are usually more accessible, or are even addressed to them and not to the farmers. Therefore, what is needed is the development of educational programmes, whose main addressees will be the farmers, being oriented towards their needs.
The aim of the project is to create an Electronic European Agricultural Network, covering exactly the above needs. We will create a Network of collaboration between Centres that are engaged in the farmers education, in order to develop, exchange and translate standard educational programmes and material for the training of the adult farmers.
Farmers Associations or groups of farmers can also take part in the Network, in order to choose the educational Centre or the educational material they need, as well as to communicate information related to that material, proposals for the development of new material, successful implementation of previous training, etc.