Universidad Politecnica de Madrid E.T.S.I Agrónomos


In the website of the project you can find information about the project and its results.
Our main aims are to maintain the website and to provide assistance to people who are interesting and deal with organic farming and rural tourism.
Thus, you may:

  1. Receive the educational material
  2. Get the multimedia Cd.
  3. Get information about centers providing education in such topics
  4. Find useful links
  5. Communicate with other people, post questions, give and take answers through the forum.
In order to have access on the above you should visit the website of the project www.e-agrinet.eu:

1. Educational Material
You can find and download for free the educational material if you select from the main menu:
a. Educational units. Here you can read the list of the educational units which is available in all languages.
b. You can download the prologue and the educational units if you register on the forum of the website under the subject “Manuals – material – proposals for improvements.

2. Multimedia CD- ROM
You can order for free the multimedia CD-Rom through the forum by posting your contact details under the subject “Free distribution of the material”.

3. Educational institutions
You may select “Institutions offering agricultural training”

4. Useful links
From the main menu you should select “Useful Links”

5. Forum
You should register by selecting a username and password. After the registration you may:
- participate in the forum discussions
- order for free the educational multimedia CD-Rom
- download for free the educational material